Cities Won't be Taking a Back-Seat To Self-Driving Cars

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By Peter Rander, President, Argo AI
At Argo AI, and in collaboration with Ford, our plan is to work directly with cities as we prepare to launch services enabled by self-driving vehicles, engaging local leaders to learn how we can deploy this technology in a way that best serves their needs. This may take different forms in different cities, depending on community priorities, but we are committed to staying connected with city officials and engaging them in ongoing conversations about how self-driving cars can work for their people.
As part of that effort, we recently invited Rochester Hills Mayor Bryan Barnett, who is also the new president of the U.S. Conference of Mayors, to Detroit for a ride in one of our self-driving test vehicles.
Few people know cities like mayors do. Through frequent interaction with residents, businesses, and community organizations, they develop a deep understanding of their cities. They know where their community is thriving or how it may be struggling, so it’s important to help familiarize city leaders with technology that has huge implications for their residents.
I was honored to host Mayor Barnett and discuss some of these implications as we rode through Detroit. Here’s what he had to say about his experience – and what self-driving technology could mean for cities around the country.
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